woensdag 19 september 2012

Heil HNW review @ Memory Wave Transmission

Heil HNW is a testament to the form of the wall. Doodshoofd, who generally provides stationary walls anyway, gives us two separate pieces on this disc – one in the form of a quick, concise wall and the other in an almost album-length wall that rages on for about 45 minutes.
This CD-R is a little different, since the disc is printed with a picture, unlike most of Doodshoofd’s other releases. It’s still got the paper fold-out, the plastic coverlet (although that is now colored), and the DIY feeling of a self-produced recording. But I give credit for including the picture disc.
Onto the noise, we first get “Anti-Collectivist,” which clocks in at about five minutes with a quick and heady wall that focuses on sharp static. It’s a good display of Doodshoofd’s abilities at crafting a quality wall, and it even deconstructs itself before ending by first dropping some of the static and then shifting the sound to the left side of the balance, which normally doesn’t work for me but here sounds nicely dynamic.
The lengthy title track “Heil HNW” pummels in right after “Anti-Collectivist” with a roaring, echo-like static like that seems to feature a lot of bass in the middle of the track’s wall while keeping a base line of static and allowing another branch of static to oscillate pitch over and over again. It’s a hypnotizing track, because Doodshoofd ensures that the amount of variation is fixed in such a way to make it seem new every time the listener hears it. At 45  minutes, one expects to hear an enthralling wall, and Doodshoofd delivers, thankfully, with his ode to the wall.

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